Kalani Retreats – A Leap of Faith, Hope and Love

Pathways Radio by Paul O'Brien show

Summary: Richard Koob, founder of Kalani (a non-profit retreat center in Hawaii's tropical rainforest), has made a remarkable contribution to self-development and education. He toured the world as a professional dancer before building the community with his partner in the 1970's. Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center opened in 1982. Before Richard retired from managing Kalani in 2013 it had become Hawaii's largest and oldest retreat center. Kalani sponsors an extensive Community Arts Program with more than 50 offerings per week -- typically free to the public or by donation including offerings of yoga, Hawaiian culture, dance and performing arts, wellness, and personal growth. Kalani also sponsors special events; hosts diverse residential retreats and workshops; provides lodging and meals for guests; oversees volunteer, sabbatical, and visiting artist education programs; and houses a sustainable community of residents in an ecovillage.