How to Sell Books with Shawn Coyne (@BlackIrishBooks @kimanzic @jodymaberry)

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Kimanzi Constable, along with co-host Jody Maberry from, interview Shawn Coyne. Jared Easley got a much-needed vacation. Shawn Coyne is an author and editor. The books he has worked on have grossed over 150 million dollars in North America. His longest collaboration has been with writer Steven Pressfield. He’s edited a number of Steve’s books including The War of Art, Gates of Fire, Turning Pro,Tides of War, and The Authentic Swing. He's also Steve’s literary agent, manager, and his business partner in Black Irish Books. You can find him at In this episode, you will learn about:   What it’s like working with Seth Godin   Why authors without a large platform should self-publish   A mistake too many authors make   Whether or not an author needs an agent for a traditionally published book   What Shawn sees as an editor with a lot of books   Why podcasters should repurpose their podcast episodes into a book   The book to help writers edit their own books   A unique idea to market your book   What it like to own a publishing company   Some mistakes Shawn and Steven have made   What authors can do to consistently sell books Items mentioned:   Story Grid   Story by Robert McKee   The One Who Hit the Hardest   Permission Marketing   Tribes Podcasters repurposing their podcasts as books:   Specific episodes can be a book series  Your guests initial reactions are what would make an authentic book   Writers struggle with getting to that moment of honesty while writing What Shawn does on interview:  Whenever Shawn does an interview, he has it transcribed on his own and shares it on his blog Getting a book contract:   Publishers are large businesses that look to make profits   The five major publishers and who owns them   They are looking for the big hits, not to sign many authors Amazon:   What it’s done for authors   It’s the best way to get your book out in front of an audience Kimanzi:   Why he self-published   What lead to the book deal   What it’s been like getting a book deal Marketing your book:   Got to market to the right target audience   Your marketing efforts have to be focus   Who cares about what you care about?   Create content and give it to away for free Who interest Shawn?  The Performance Enhancement Center- Help veterans get over their inner wars Connect with Shawn Twitter @BlackIrishBooks or on his Facebook page Black Irish Books. Shawn’s final thoughts for the listeners: “You have to love what you do, work hard, and don’t expect anything in return.” “Everyday when you work hard, and you don’t see results, you have to remember who you do this for: other people. What’s important is to remember that we all are on this planet for something.”