A Bygone Era Floats Away - 01.26.15

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: There used to be a valid phenomenon known as American Exceptionalism. It is no more. We examine its passing in detail. The creation of a different entity, freed from prior restraints morphed into the likeness of other nations, including a bland sameness that is the hallmark of American life today. Mediocrity results. More on war and the seeming obsession that governments seem to have to whip up warlike sentiments. It is all entirely hokey. We have a close look at the falseness of the reasoning behind the security apparatus, etc. and what it means to the people in general. The virulent anger and criticisms leveled at Russia seem to have no basis. There is no proof or evidence offered for the crazy assertions of the American government. The European debt situation and the recent Greek elections yesterday and the hopelessness of ‘QE’. Quick comment on the State of The Union speech from last week.