|DSP 74| Avoiding and Leaving the Wrong Relationships - Jesse Owen

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Jesse provides an idea of his perspectives and how he approaches the whole subject of dating, sex, and relationships (08:15) A comparison of evolutionary biology or evolutionary psychology to what Jesse does (08:42) Jesse's personal background in dating, sex, and relationships (10:25) Jesse's own bi-racial / bi-cultural perspective that he brings to his work and how his scientific work has influenced the way he looks at relationships in life (11:00) Advice to podcast listeners regarding cultural or parental relationship pressures (12:52) An overview of where Jesse's research started in the area of the settling dynamic and decisions to stay in relationships or not, how these decisions come about, the context of whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, and a healthy relationship versus an unhealthy one - levels of commitment (16:15) Suggestions and ideas that have come out of research regarding how to pre-prepare yourself (actions and self-development) for dating and relationships to make the process easier (27:20) Establishing real communication in making a deeper connection with someone towards a relationship, without being afraid to do so (29:45) What research shows regarding how much people think about the steps along the way in a relationship (34:26) The communication fears that hinder people from getting to know each other and how to open up (39:40) Studies in micro-aggression and what they are about (42:36) The controversy surrounding Julien Blanc from Real Social Dynamics and the negative public reaction about Blanc's techniques. Jesse's take on it as an appalling approach without a concern for values. Angel's opinion of it as a public relations stunt gone wrong and Blanc's misunderstanding of cultural behaviors, as well as being detrimental in every respect (45:20) Micro-aggressions inside relationships and their impact: connection and communication (51:15) The effectiveness of relationship education and therapy, and how that works (59:24) The damaging behaviors that turn relationships sour when you haven't spoken about "uncertainty" and how to communicate to avoid relationship conflict (1:02:40) Recommendations for high quality advice in the area of dating, sex, and relationships (1:09:55) Top three recommendations to help men in a practical way get results as fast as possible with women to improve their lives in this area (1:12:37)