The #ArtofSocial Media with @GuyKawasaki & @PegFitzpatrick (@Kimanzic)

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by co-host Kimanzi Constable from, as they welcome back Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, two awesome people who have been on the show before. Today, Guy and Peg talk about their exciting new book which they have co-written, called The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. The book offers 100 practical tips, tricks, and insights where Guy and peg present a ground-up strategy to produce a focused, thorough, and compelling presence on the most popular social media platforms. They guide you through the steps of building your foundation, amassing your digital assets, going to market, optimizing your profile, attracting more followers, and effectively integrating social media and blogging. An impeccable combination of Peg’s sweet, genuine personality and Guy’s no-nonsense, passionate, impactful opinion of things is just what we need to make this a super fun, insightful, great show!   In this episode, you will learn more about: The term "social media guru" as an oxymoron. Getting ROI on social media Photo attachment tips on social media The optimal setup for broadcasting your podcast/webinar Why Guy thinks most social media experts are BS Guy's take on his "controversial" posts and strong opinions Outsourcing social media work What to do when your social media strategy backfires Connecting with an influencer as a good strategy How to suck up to an influencer and learning the art of it   Items mentioned: Why Guy thinks "social media guru" is an oxymoron: Social media has so many variable so many things moving at once. The difficulty of separating correlation from causation ROI on Social Media You work really hard and good things happen. Social media can impact your sales and marketing. Attaching photos on social media sites: Social media sites have their own optimal size for photo attachments. Any graphic is better than no graphic! A better way to post photos on Facebook Your profile picture on social media doesn't have to be symmetrical. Posting images have better engagement. Tips for optimal broadcasting setup: Whatever is built in to your computer is not enough. Invest in specific external equipment you need to make your webinar right. On Guy posting controversial, strong opinions What Guy wants to interject into his stream: Guy expresses his real opinion. And it cannot be faked. The people who post for him would never touch on sensitive topics but Guy doesn't hesitate. People never know what to expect from him. Outsourcing social media work to digital marketing agency: If you need help with your social media, get help. But before having someone else doing your social media, look at their social media to see what they do (great content, engagement, followers) Find an independent person to work with you so they can get the flavor of who you are and what you want to do with your social media vs. going to an agency. When your social media strategy backfires: Backfires are not necessarily so bad. At least you're trying and you're going to learn something. Social media is a very forgiving place. People need to chill out. Always keep experimenting. You'll make mistakes. So what? Try stuff. Don't listen to anybody. Connecting with an influencer: Being wary of the practice of connecting with influencers. "It's not whether you try to connect towards some purpose, it's HOW you do it is the question. This done right is an art, this done wrong is a travesty." - Guy Kawasaki When does it work? (A few examples and tips from Guy) Learning the art of sucking up Creating the best subject line Do your homework of knowing the person. Influencers are always looking for great content. Passing the re-share test   Peg’s final thoughts for the listeners: