One Life Left -- s10e18 -- #236 -- Let Us Eat Cake

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: It's been a week of ups and downs for Team OLL this week. Non-Intern Simon did his back in, but did meet his best mate Terry Alderton. Ann burst her eardrum, but she did find the smoke machine at our last Marioke session. Ste got caught googling Evangeline Lilly, but he did get to google Evangeline Lilly. This week's Super-Special Guest was Phillip Asha from Trendy Entertainment. He had flown in from Florida to come on the show and boy were his arms tired! As well as giving us a chance to use that extremely poor joke Phillip was here to tell us all about Dungeon Defenders 2, how it is hard to make a sequel to a well-loved game and to not give us an exclusive. We also used Ann to calculate how much Trendy Entertainment had grown by and we think the answer she gave was correct. Not only that but Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi gave their usual excellent contributions, but it is the final appearance of Derek Williams for a while. Hopefully he'll return again soon. Perhaps he'll even be at our Christmas Party, which we subtly mention during the show. At the time of writing over half the tickets have gone so we advise buying your ticket now (unless you weren't coming anyway (which is a impossible situation)). Oh and it was Non-Intern Simon's birthday! Happy birthday Non-Intern Simon! Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Solar Lune- JetLine 2. Anamanaguchi - Pop It 3. Klamm - Back To Reality