Línea Abierta : Maíz: Our Mother.

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Summary: Maíz: Our Mother. On the day the nation marks the Thanksgiving holiday, this is a conversation with Roberto Rodríguez about his book “Our Sacred Maíz is Our Mother.” In his newly-released book, Rodríguez submits that corn has been central to the traditional diet of Mexicans since ancestral times and, despite attempts by Spanish conquerors and modern-day assimilationist forces, corn has remained in the heart of Mesoamerican cultures. Maíz culture, he says, unifies the continent. Guest: Roberto Cintli Rodríguez, Professor, Writer, Author of “Our Sacred Maíz Is Our Mother,” University of Arizona Tucson, Tucson, AZ. www.uapress.arizona.edu/Books/bid2497.htm