1000 Little Tiny Decisions with Sam Lytle (@thesamlytle @heyadamsilver)

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Sam Lytle   In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, along with co-host Adam Silver from kitchensinkwp.com, interviews Sam Lytle, writer, small business owner, podcaster, civil engineer, and 3D visualizations expert.   His podcast The Civil FX talks about the art of visualizing civil engineering design as he shares with the audience the best methods for creating high quality visualizations and the importance of using 3D modeling and visualization for every project.   Sam went down this challenging yet fulfilling path of leaving his day job and jumping into finally becoming a small business owner. It’s all about finding what you love doing, enjoying both freedom and security, and starving the doubts each and every day of your life! In this episode, you will learn more about: His entrepreneurial challenges with Oggboard and what he learned along the way Why he likes Starve the Doubts The things he did before becoming a small business owner What compelled him to 3D visualization Jumping from bring a civil engineer to a full time entrepreneur Having both freedom and security The power of interacting with like-minded people Balancing career and family life The importance of giving back to others His advice if he were to speak with himself 10 years back His best advice to someone struggling to find their purpose in life Items mentioned:   Sam’s initial years as an entrepreneur: Invented Oggboard Putting it on Kickstarter and not reaching his goal Spending an entire year building the team, building a prototype, relaunching it, and failing again. Not giving up until he is where he wants to be   Writing a book, writing for appadvice, and making his own site   Transitioning to Civil FX - a blend of his educational background and his passion for content marketing and online business   What compelled him to do 3D visualization Taking the course back in college Knowing what he wanted to do for business   How Sam is starving his doubts: Getting immense support from his wife Sacrificing their standard of living to make everything happen Envisioning where Civil FX is going Envisioning where they want to be as a family - life of freedom and security   How he connected with Dan Miller and other podcasters The power of surrounding himself with people like him Interacting with fellow podcasters   Balancing career and family life: Always put your family first. Keep your significant other involved as much as possible   Giving back to other people: Fulfilling his dream of being a career coach in the future Finding people that aren’t satisfied in life but have the motivation to do something about it   His advice if he could speak to himself 10 years ago: Focus on family and education.   His best advice to someone struggling to find their purpose in life: You’ll know it when you’re loving what you’re doing and not noticing that a day has even gone by. If you don’t have these moments, do as many things as possible until you find that passion in life. Step outside of your comfort zone. You got to try new things.   Just raise your hand freely and say “yes” to trying new things: Meet new people. Have new experiences. Find things that you enjoy more than your regular job.   People that interest Sam right now (aside from Jared):   Adam - Kitchen SInk WordPress podcast Donald Kelly - The Sales Evangelist Podcast David West - Start-Up Business Podcast   Connect with Sam: www.samlytle.com www.civilfx.com Sam’s Final Thoughts for the Listeners: “If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t think they’re ever gonna have an opportunity to get out of their day job or not happy in their state in life, just be patient… and make that commitment that you’re gonna get there.”