|DSP 62| The Neuroscience of Sex and Sexuality - Andrea Kuszewski

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: The neuroscience perspective on sex and sexuality. Dopamine: the neurotransmitter in the brain (05:11) Is Dopamine the only thing that motivates our behavior or are their other things? (12:47) From a neurological basis, does open communication work better from a woman's perspective when she's learning about you as opposed to if you are more withdrawn or not so revealing about yourself? (14:47) The various levels of Dopamine that affect the psychology of our actions (17:05) Addictive responses to Dopamine and risky behavior (sexually, socially, and adventure-wise), whether healthy or unhealthy (20:10) Changing negative Dopamine behavior with something positive (24:35) How Dopamine impacts your behavior: when the uncertainty no longer exist and only the novelty remains (14:54) Does Dopamine increase promiscuity and decrease the use of condoms? (29:00) How long does it take for your Dopamine receptors to reset themselves for a more natural sexual response? (30:35) The human need for bonding (32:05) The Oxytocin myth as the cuddle hormone, and what is really does (33:15) The impact of porn on your sexual life based on whether you view it more positively or negatively (35:55) Virtual reality sex versus real sex: the mind is critical to sexual pleasure (37:05) Looking at the orgasm through the neuroscience lens (39:45) The mechanism behind the prolonged neurological orgasm and improving the length and quality of orgasms for men and women (42:07) The differences between males and females and the way their brains respond to dating and relationships (45:22) Conditioning and paired association learning, and to what extent your interests are learned or fixed (47:37) Can sexual preferences be consciously hacked to open yourself to wider options of partner selection? (50:55) Mental performance impact that comes from your sexuality (55:25) Intelligence, IQ, and polyamory (58:25) Recommendations for advice and insights in dating, sex, and relationships from the scientific community (1:00:22) Top three recommendations to help men get better results with women as fast as possible (1:01:34)