|DSP 63| How to Sexualize Conversations - Jon Sinn (Jonathan Lee)

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: What is a sexualized conversation? (03:25) Making the conversation smoother to introduce sex into it (04:45) Why guys don't bring up sex earlier on in the conversation (05:28) The downsides to introducing sex into a conversation (06:08) Does sexual conversation play a role in the actual attraction vibe between you and a woman? (07:07) Is the sexual vibe that's attractive to women what sexual attraction is? (08:25) Is sexual conversation something you should start at the same time as starting to get physical (touching) with a woman? (09:45) Overdoing sexual conversation if you are not in the right logistical situation (12:15) Frameworks, options, and approaches for sexual conversations (14:45) When not to bring up sexual topics in a funny, humorous way (20:45) Protecting yourself against and getting through last-minute sexual resistance (21:05) Identifying the personalities or characteristics of the small percentage of women who are really resistant to sex (26:10) There are differences when it comes to the sexual sides of women (28:15) Rules and tools you can use when you know a woman is attracted to you in order to begin sexual conversation (31:45) How to balance sexual conversation without going overboard, and modifying the conversation depending on the woman you are dealing with (36:10) Jon's best experience with a woman to date (42:25) Jon's worst experience with a woman to date (44:52) Modern day communication methods (texting, Instagram, etc.) with women that have negatively impacted pickup artistry and validation (47:15) Becoming less tolerant and more direct to deal with the negative impact of modern day communication methods (51:20) Recommendations for advice and insights in dating, sex, and relationships (55:05) Top three recommendations to help men get better results with women as fast as possible (56:18)