|DSP 65| Getting Started with Ethical Polyamory - Janet W. Hardy

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Janet's background and her beginnings into polyamory (05:55) The success of The Ethical Slut, co-authored with Dossie Easton (07:52) Janet's relationship and lifestyle today (08:33) The number of Janet's relationships and whether or not they can be categorized (10:05) Making the difference between love chemistry versus longer term love (11:00) The background of polyamory (12:00) Main ways that people get involved in polyamory (13:47) How polyamory has changed over time (14:53) Is polyamory more widely accepted today? (16:23) What drives the negativity and hostility towards polyamory? (17:03) Practical things to do if interested in getting involved in polyamory (18:00) Current and typical polyamory behaviors (20:15) Appropriately introducing the topic of polyamory (21:51) Ways to tell if someone is polyamorous (22:54) Typical misunderstandings in polyamorous relationships (23:50) Insecurity as apposed to jealously (24:55) Are people naturally destined to be polyamorous or is it a journey? (26:18) Discretion in being polyamorous (27:40) The unwillingness to reveal your polyamory lifestyle in the face of negative cultural beliefs (29:05) How polyamory attracts people who are not into it for healthy reasons (30:52) Women looking for an emotion connection in polyamory (30:54) Dealing with sexual disease risks in polyamory (32:30) The importance of boundaries in polyamorous relationships (32:30) Weighing the "don't ask, don't tell" aspect in polyamory (36:20) Balancing communication disclosure (38:08) Reasons polyamorous relationships end (38:51) Things people can learn from polyamory compared to being monogamous (40:12) The ability of polyamory in allowing for growth in relationships and life (42:46) The dynamic of women being more jealous than men in polyamorous relationships (45:05) Balancing polyamory relationship expectations (47:52) Communicating through conflict (48:40) Polyamory is not for everyone (50:21) Polyamory takes time and energy commitment (52:00) Aspects of sexuality and relationships yet to be explored by Janet (52:37) Best and worst experiences over 30 years of being in polyamory (53:25) Greatest conflict in this area of Janet's life (54:55) Janet is working on a new book (56:10) Recommendations for advice and insights in polyamory (57:08) Top three recommendations to help men interested in polyamory, or improving in it (58:56)