|DSP 68| The Psychological Well-being of Casual Sex - Zhana Vrangalova PhD

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: What is the Casual Sex Project and how did it develop? (03:25) The truth in posting on the Casual Sex Project site (06:08) Where Zhana fits into the world of science on dating, sex, and relationships (11:24) Different perspectives within the scientific community that contribute to sexuality (12:58) Zhana's personal background and current dating / relationship lifestyle (14:48) What exactly is casual sex and why people have it? (15:52) Online dating and casual sex, and societies' acceptance of it (18:35) Post preventive AIDs HIV measures as a result of unprotected casual sex (24:11) The demographics of who's having casual sex and with whom (28:37) How the environment and your mood contributes to having casual sex (34:52) What is well being and how is it measured? (37:00) Is casual sex a negative hit to your confidence in dating and relationships (38:00) Reasons casual sex may not be good for your well being (39:57) Is casual sex determined or pre-determined by your background and upbringing? (41:57) The correlation between IQ, intelligence and casual sex (48:08) The differences between men and women when it comes to what affects the well being of the casual sex experience itself (49:30) Autonomous versus non-autonomous behaviors driving casual sex, and the meaning of Autonomous (52:11) Things men can look out for in order to have positive casual sex experiences (58:51) Does condom use make a difference in casual sex? (1:06:53) What the future holds in the next 10 years in terms of research in the casual sex area (1:08:40) Recommendations for high quality advice in the casual sex area of dating, sex, and relationships (1:11:46) Zhana's greatest relationship conflict (1:13:14) Types of non-mongamy (1:15:33) Top three recommendations to help men get results as fast as possible with women (1:18:10)