|DSP 70| Masculinity in a Modern World - Jack Donovan

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Jack's views of the state of masculinity today (05:28) The need for masculinity and the negative impacts of not being masculine (06:35) Some of the biggest things confusing our masculinity today (10:07) Men have to develop their individual purpose as well as dealing within groups of men to define their masculinity (14:46) Modern masculinity as being able to see the value in different approaches and skillsets as apposed to diminishing other groups because they are different (22:10) Useful things / values to have as a basis for developing tribes and relational groups (27:25) Challenging yourself for masculinity growth (29:57) Evolutionary psychology and how it fits with Jack's views of masculinity (33:18) The creative arts as useful aspects of masculinity (35:16) Modern day examples of masculinity in the creative artists (37:31) What is currently having a negative impact on masculinity? (39:53) Defining masculinity through strength, courage, mastery, and honor (43:35) Is there a biological aspect (e.g. testosterone) in modern day society that is undermining masculinity? (47:54) Jack's strongest character attribute (49:54) Overview of different movements such as the feminism and the manisphere (51:15) Top three recommendations to help men become more masculine or bring more masculinity into their life (53:43) Male bounding within the pickup artist community (56:42)