|DSP 71| Recovering a Relationship after Cheating - Tammy Nelson

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Overview of Tammy's background (03:10) Redefining the standard monogamy relationship and potentially evolving the way we have marriage and long-term serious relationships (10:00) Reasons and excuses why people have an affair (14:15) Differences between men and women regarding the types of reasons they have affairs (19:00) Changing a long-term non-monogamous lifestyle and behaviors towards monogamy (21:30) The three parts of an affair and the importance of each of them: emotional, sexual, dishonesty (25:05) Negotiating transparency in communication when entering into and sustaining a monogamous relationship (28:00) The two parts of a relationship: companionship and eroticism (31:28) Ways to change your relationship and sex life to avoid neglect and trauma (33:00) The importance of being open-minded to trying new sexual experiences: developing sexual empathy (39:40) Imago Therapy and how it works (41:55) Recommendations for high quality advice in the casual sex area of dating, sex, and relationships (44:20) Top three recommendations to help men get results as fast as possible with women (46:00)