GFY 063: Final Episode

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Summary: GFY 063: Final Episode Welcome to the final episode of GFY! Yes, I said final episode. Although it was a tough decision, I’ve decided to wrap up the GFY podcast so that I can focus on my latest podcast: RED… My fiance, David Hooper, and I launched RED a few months ago and it’s completely taken off. We created it to give coaches, speakers, authors, bloggers, and podcasters—anyone who is in the business of spreading their message or building an audience—the proven strategies for skyrocketing their businesses to record heights and easily making six-figures. So from now on, you can find me over at RED in the podcast world! But I want to take a moment to thank YOU for listening to Go Fire Yourself. I’ve had such a blast doing this podcast for the last couple years. I’ve met some amazing people, learned a lot, and hope that I’ve provided you with some of the know-how and inspiration that you need to quit your day job and follow your dreams. GFY will still be available on iTunes and Stitcher for the time being, so if you missed any of the episodes, go back and check them out!   Here are a few of my favorite episodes: GFY 028: Are Your Beliefs About Money Holding You back from True Success? GFY 035: Jordan Harbinger Turns His Hobby Into a 7-Figure Business GFY 039: Use Your Brainpower to Take Your Business to the Million-Dollar Level GFY 048: Bringing Tim Ferriss’s “Lifestyle Design” Idea to Life GFY 058: The Secrets to Creating a Killer Podcast GFY 060: What it Takes to Quit a Stable 6-Figure Job GFY 062: How to Turn Your Passion Into Profits Thanks again for listening to the show!!   The post GFY 063: Final Episode appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.