Intellectual Insurrection From Public Schools To Prison - Dr. Umar A. Muhammad

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Summary: LanceScurv turns it upwith content that the Mainstream Media would never showcase and the powers that be will never approve to be shared. In vowing to focusing on the life changing imformation in a platform that is littered with grown people who waste their precious time arguing, speaking foolishness and indulging in buffoonery, I know for sure that this type of content will run the frauds away as well as those who can't stand to see their bubble of illusion broken. But in growing you must understand that you will walk alone and in doing so move into your God given destiny and positioning. That being said, listen in to this information shared in the powerful words of Dr. Umar. A. Muhammad at The Black and Nobel Bookstore located in Philadelphia at 1409 W. Erie Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19140 215.965.1559 Connect With LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.590.0755