088 Why You Can’t Sleep and How To Fix It! (Rebroadcast)

The Healthy Mind with Dr. Zafirides show

Summary: Back by popular demand, one of The Healthy Mind's "Essential" episodes. Welcome to Episode #58 of The Healthy Mind with Dr. Zafirides podcast. This week, Dr. Z explores the topic of insomnia.  Dr. Z discusses the various ways we undermine a good night’s sleep without even realizing it – and how to fix it! He discusses ways to break the vicious cycle of anxiety and worry over not being able to sleep. Finally, Dr Z provides you with several powerful tips you can use this evening to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Don’t miss this very special episode of The Healthy Mind. Welcome!   In Health News:1. How Diet Soda Is Linked To An Increased Risk of Depression 2. Why Small Distractions Can Lead To Huge Mistakes  All this, and “The Healthy Mind Headlines” on this week’s podcast! Welcome!!