Lifestyle Chill #16

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Summary: Lifestyle Chill 16 has a great selection of downtempo electronica featuring tracks from the Lovespirals, Sine, Big La vs Todd and our featured artist SF based Leisure Addicts. Our tracks are sourced from Podsafe Music Network at Check out the full track list in our show notes at We are a production of so don't forget to head over and check out our other great shows as well. Listeners and Artists: If you enjoy the show, please write a review for us in the iTunes Store. That helps the show get recognised, so that more people can listen to us. Search for Lifestyle Chill and in the Customer Reviews section, click Write a Review. You can also follow us at and follow us on MySpace as well Chill. Thanks for listening! :) DownloadFeatured Artist: Leisure AddictsLeisure Addicts is the nom de lounge of San Francisco-based multimedia artist Keith R. Crosley. A high-tech marketer by day, semi-professional synth programmer/sound designer and avocational filmmaker, Crosley says:“Leisure Addicts is my latest creative outlet, a musical response to the pressures of the high-stress, go-go Silicon Valley tech startup lifestyle. I’m very inspired by mid-century ‘lounge’ artists like Esquivel, Martin Denny, Les Baxter -- or even the 'Word Jazz' of Ken Nordine -- whose music evokes these imaginary, exotic audio locales that create a space for fantasy and escape in a complex and threatening world. It’s the same sort of social function that today’s chillout genre serves - music for relaxing, drinking, socializing, getting your low-key groove on...The style explored in Leisure Addicts is an outgrowth of some music cues I recorded for my film Moose as part of the 2008 48 Hour Film Project. Composed in about 40 minutes after nearly 48 hours without sleep, they expressed a tone that I wanted to develop further, but at a more leisurely pace.With Leisure Addicts, I’m focusing on using very contemporary electronic music production techniques to fuse a modern chillout vibe with vintage flavor, using gentle distortions, filtered delays, software emulations of vintage audio hardware and bits of vinyl noise to create an imaginary, retro-futuristic sound world without being obviously ‘lo-fi’.”Look for an album-length collection, Experiments in Leisure, in the latter half of 2009. In the meantime, individual tracks and videos are being released online -- at a suitably leisurely pace -- at Oh, and follow us as @LeisureAddicts on Twitter, of course...Keith R. CrosleyPlaylist1. Artist: Sunburn in CyprusTrack: In The Sunshine (Easy Living Remix)2. Artist: Leisure Addicts (Featured Artist Track)Track: Lazy Train3.Artist: SineTrack: Infinity4.Artist: All India RadioTrack: Morning Drops5.Artist: East ForestTrack: Pacific Coast Highway6.Artist: LovespiralsTrack: This Truth (Grooveblaster Remix)7.Artist: Andrea RomeoTrack: e troppo (facile remix)8.Artist: ElectrixTrack: The Experience9. Artist: SineTrack: Cross that Line10.Artist: Leisure AddictsTrack: What You Want11.Artist: Big La vs. ToddTrack: The Moment of Truths12. Artist: Reno ProjectTrack: The Field