Appendicitis Remix: Part 1.  #foamed. Ultrasound in a spa & on a cruise!

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: I’m sure you don’t remember, but our first episode ever was on ultrasound for appendicitis.  But that was a long time ago… 3 years.  So it’s time to revisit.  There’s new data, and there’s room for improvement.  In this episode we do something a little different than normal.  Instead of giving you a “great save” story, we’re gonna talk about how it can go wrong.  What we don’t want to do is scare you away from doing this exam.  However, it’s important to inject some humility occasionally, especially when we’re talking about an advanced scan.  This can be screwed up if you don’t know exactly how to perform it and exactly how to apply it clinically to your patient. We’re also SUPER excited to tell you about Sonosweden and Sononorway.  Now last year, Sonosweden was sold out within about a week of talking about it on the podcast, so a lot of people missed out.  Don’t miss out this year.  It’s bigger and better, and if ultrasounding in a Japanese Spa while wearing a robe isn’t enough for you, we’re moving the whole party to a cruise ship in Norway after the Spa course ends this year.  Listen to the podcast for more info. Lastly, we’ll be bringing you more of the exact “how to” part very soon.  Stay tuned. Last reminder:  If you haven’t commented on or rated the podcast, please do, but only if it’s positive and you can give us 5 stars.  Email us if you can’t give us a 5 and we’ll try to do better.  It takes you