How To Take the "Terrible" Out of the "Terrible 2's and 3's"

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Find out why the "Terrible" 2's and 3's don't need to be terrible! Resources Mentioned in This Podcast: Podcast episode: "Help! What About My Needs as a Mom?" Constant Whining: What it Means and How To Stop It Podcast Highlights: 6:19 - Follow-up success story about a Type 3, 3 y.o. 11:04 - Type 3, 3 y.o. and dinner table battles 16:30 - Type 3, 2 1/2 y.o. Type 3/4 boy is aggressive with his baby brother 20:38 - Type 4, 2 y.o. seems angry and won't cooperate 24:20 - Type 2, 3 y.o. and giving up the pacifier 27:45 - Toddlers getting into things (cupboards, etc.) 34:40 - Type 1, 2 y.o. won't be quiet during the baby's nap 38:23 - 5 y.o. Type 2 and whining Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Learn more about Carol's Best Selling parenting book, "The Child Whisperer" at Learn more about Carol at (Music courtesy of Nelson at the Helm, all rights reserved.)