139: Increasing Transactions Per Client

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Summary: This week, Pete and Dom focus on another of the 7 Levers of Business: Increasing your transactions per client. They discuss the fundamentals, as well as give lots of examples you can implement yourself to improve this part of your business. -= Links =- - Online Download The 7 Levers Report - http://7leversreport.com - Books Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins Audible: http://preneurmarketing.com/scientificadvertisingaudio Amazon: http://preneurmarketing.com/scientificadvertisingbook You can try out a lot of the books we recommend in audio format with Audible: http://audibletrial.com/preneurcast - Free trial with a free audio book download for PreneurCast listeners - Previous PreneurCast Episodes All previous episodes are available over at http://preneurmarketing.com along with show notes, links and full transcripts of each episode. Episode 52 - 7 Levers Redux - http://preneurmarketing.com/preneurcast/preneurcast052-7-levers-of-business-redux/ Episode 125 - The Challenge of Indirect Marketing - http://preneurmarketing.com/preneurcast/preneurcast-125-the-challenge-of-indirect-marketing/ -=- For more information about Pete and Dom, visit us online at http://preneurmarketing.com or drop us a line at: preneurcast@preneurgroup.com If you like what we’re doing, please leave us a review on iTunes or a comment on the Web Site at http://preneurmarketing.com