Episode 157: Heron Hill 2010 Eclipse white

East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast show

Summary: Who was there: Bryan, Kate, Tim, Chris, Jen, Joe & Roman What happened on the show: Bryan looks boss in sunglasses, we can never get anywhere without Chris, Chris knows what Tuna is, Kate’s plans to scare Bryan go awry. What the wine is made of: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc (no matter what Chris tells you). nose: “toast” , honeysuckle, apple and flint flavors: clean and crisp chardonnay, honey, astringent feel, Food suggestions: spicy food, pork, salmon, tuna poke Scores Chris; 83 “The pinot gris is not doing it for me” Bryan: 83 Jen: 80 “I liked the toasty flavors of previous blends and this one is more astringent, which I like less.” Kate: 78 “It’s really, really astringent. It’s got a great nose, but the flavors are too astringent”