Buying Buyer Leads: Smart Business Move or Waste of Money?

Real Estate Coaching Radio show

Summary: Do your math to calculate and track whether paying for buyer leads could be a smart business move. You can learn several specific ways to acquire buyer leads without having to pay for them. Tim & Julie explain why they don’t understand why the vast majority of agents who don’t need to pay for buyer leads are still spending money on these services. You can produce your own leads and save your money. Generate your own leads by changing your own mindset in how you think about your own business. Are you spending money on your business that doesn’t make sense? Find out why you need to be a listing agent and how one listing can potentially equal five paychecks. Tim & Julie explain why immediate lead follow up is so important for buyer leads. What are some actionable changes you can make to get unstuck on your difficult and/or troublesome transactions? You will also learn how to prevent yourself from getting stuck and learn how to get unstuck if you do find yourself in a difficult situation. Take Action Now: Request a Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call or Attend Our Free Coaching Webinar Learn more about us at