Phone Prospecting Secrets That Actually Work, Part 2

Real Estate Coaching Radio show

Summary: Tim & Julie talk about the importance of becoming a listing agent and why you must to list to last. What can you be doing to become a listing agent and not become overwhelmed? Find out how to protect yourself from paid services that waste your money and are ineffective. Learn the difference between actively finding listings rather and passive marketing. You will learn why calling NODs, FSBOs, expired, etc. is so much more effective than passively sending postcards, mailers, and emails. Cut through your preconceptions about a lack of inventory and start generating your own listing leads without paying for them. Learn what scripts you need, what to say to overcome objections, and build your confidence to get listings. Find out how you can nurture your most productive and successful mindset and take advantage of the current marketplace today. Download the Prospecting Points PDF file to for this show here. Take Action Now: Request a Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call or Attend Our Free Coaching Webinar Learn more about us at