How To Get Unstuck, Part 3

Real Estate Coaching Radio show

Summary: Has the bad weather got you stuck in a rut? Find out about the positive effects you can look forward to as a result of the harsh weather this winter. Opportunities are everywhere so listen as Tim & Julie continue with their in depth look at how to get unstuck. Are you stuck dealing with a listing agent that isn’t willing to appropriately price a property? Don’t lose the deal over a difficult or inexperienced agent. Learn how to solve these kinds of problems and other common obstacles to moving forward with your business. What is a dream board? How can it help keep you motivated? Learn how to define and prioritize the important things in your life so that you can set bigger goals, develop a plan, and give yourself reasons to stay motivated every single day. Take Action Now: Request a Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call or Attend Our Free Coaching Webinar Learn more about us at