106 – Jerod Morris – Advice from the Director of Content for Copyblogger (@JerodMorris & @ElguetaLaura)

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Jerod Morris Jerod Morris is the Director of Content for Copyblogger Media. He is also the host and co-founder of  The Assembly Call which is a live expert reaction to every Indian University basketball game. Jerod is a writer, an editor, and one of the most creative podcasters that I have come across recently. You can check out his work by going to copyblogger.com & listening to the LEDE podcast In this episode: What Jerod looks for when deciding on content to publish or topics to write about What makes content "shareable"? Where Jerod looks for inspiration for content Compliment vs Alternative: Posting the Audio companion to written blog posts Jerod's system for getting all of his writing done Tips to choose a theme that is right for your blog Google Hangouts vs Skype Making content “adaptable” for other platforms Ideal Topics for Evergreen Content Advice for hopeful writers Advice for those who do not want to write, but produce content Recommended Strategies from Copyblogger’s system for content that will help bloggers to grow their audience Video: The Lede Hangout Hotseat with Brian Clark