107 – Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur (@nataliesisson & @zebwelborn)

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: NATALIE SISSON Jared Easley together with co-host Zeb Welborn from Defining Success Podcast interviewed Natalie Sisson! Natalie is known as the “suitcase entrepreneur”. Natalie is running her six-figure online business from a laptop while travelling the world. Natalie is a number one best-selling author on a mission to create freedom in business and adventure in life by herself and a hundred thousand entrepreneurs by 2020. She will also be a speaker in the upcoming Podcast Movement 2014 in Dallas Texas! In this episode, you’ll learn: The key to successfully raise funds for your dream idea –“Have an awesome story! It’s all about the story” What is a suitcase entrepreneur? Natalie’s profession before she started becoming a Suitcase Entrepreneur What lead Natalie in becoming a suitcase entrepreneur When Natalie started her blogging business  Natalie’s encouragement for those who are just starting with their dream business –“Believe in yourself... Give yourself a permission to go on rocket!” Top three best places Natalie travelled around the globe -I. Spain II. Brazil III. Laos How Natalie transitioned from her previous jobs to becoming an entrepreneur Natalie talked about her workshop Social Media Boot Camp The coolest things Natalie experienced with her suite case entrepreneur lifestyle Virtual Teams: Where and How Natalie selects her own virtual team Project management tools Natalie used:  ASANA, Google Drive, Dropbox Natalie’s 100,000 People Movement to help others start a freedom online based business –“Life is short, build the business that you love that fits around your lifestyle.” Natalie’s advice for people who wants to start a suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle –“Have a clear vision in business and life!” The impact of having a vision in life and business Who are the people a suitcase entrepreneur attracts? The biggest mistakes Natalie made The importance of having a team in your business One thing Natalie is most proud of –“Making a difference in others lives.” Natalie defines success –“Living life on your own terms!” Does Natalie consider herself successful? Travelling as Natalie’s constant teacher Who is doing something that interests Natalie Sisson? Connect with Natalie at: TheSuitcaseEntreprenuer.com, @nataliesisson Natalie Sisson’s message for all the listeners: “Go out there, and JUST DO IT!” Items mentioned: Podcast Movement 2014 Define Success Podcast Kick Starters Suitcase Entrepreneur Allies and Adversaries Social Media Boot Camp ASANA Google Drive Drop Box 100,000 People Movement Sally Hudson Video: How to Become a Suitcase Entrepreneur