Art in April – Part 2 (masterpiece re-creation)

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: I hope you had an first week of April creating Artwork with your kids.   If you haven’t posted pictures or comments about your potato art creations, please do so below this post or on Facebook.  Be sure to like our page when you're there!   When considering the art projects I’d share this April, I spent some time looking through photographs of the art created by my preschool aged students enrolled in our Arts Learning Program.  Seeing the images again sparked the idea behind today’s project - recreating a famous piece of art.  Whether you’re drawn to painting, sculpture, photography, or assembling items together and making 3-D art, you’re going to love today’s project and so are your kiddos.   If you're new to art, here's a list of some of the artists and projects we created in our program:   Franz Kline: tints and lines; opaque painting  Jasper Johns: American Flag; wax encaustic Vincent van Gogh: layered painting; outlined finger strokes; cooperative color wheel Georges Seurat: cotton swab painting; bubble-wrap pointillism; sticker dot art Henri Matisse: hat designs; cutout collage; wallpaper cutouts Jackson Pollock: action painting; action brushes Pablo Picasso: instrument pictures; cubist bodies; blues and pinks; collages Louise Nevelson: box art; assemblage art Frederic Remingon: western brands; action figures; animal rubbings   Once you've picked an artist or style, all you have left to do is create your own masterpiece!  Be sure to document the process with pictures and post them in the comments section below this blog post or on Facebook.   No matter what you decide to create, what you create it with, or where you create it, know that by creating art together with your kids, you’re encouraging them to use their crativity and problem-solving skills.   The fun you’ll have laughing and creating together will lead to positive memories and keepsakes for years to come.   Happy April Art Creating!