April Art Week 3 – Foam Wall Art Project for kids

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Summary: Happy Art in April Art Month!  I hope your last two weeks have been ones of creation.    My kids have been loving this month full of new art projects!  What about yours?   This third week of April Art Month focus on Styrofoam Wall Art.   Styrofoam isn't just for insulation - it makes for a brilliant base for beautiful wall art.  The beauty is that It comes in all shapes and sizes, can be cut to fit your space and is durable enough to let even  your young kids work with.   Here are the supplies you'll need: 1" (or thicker) styrofoam sheet or square Solid fabrics that can be painted on or bold fabrics of your choosing Duct Tape Scissors (to cut the fabric) Craft knife (to cut the styrofoam) Ruler, tape, measure or straight edge to mark the foam and fabric for cutting At least one imaginative kid YOU                        Once you've gathered all the supplies, the only thing left to do is decide what you're going to create first.  Are you committed to something large (think 4' X 8') or something smaller (4" X 4").  Make sure each child has their own fabric and foam to make the activity the most enjoyable and rewarding. Step #1 Like I just mentioned, above, you'll need to decide what you're going to create.   Step #2 Cut fabrics and styrofoam to the size you'd like.  HINT: Quilting squares turned out to be a fantastic size for art work.   Step #3 Lay your fabric face down and set the styrofoam on the fabric.  Make sure you leave enough fabric on all sides so you can tape the fabric to the foam.   Step #4 Tear off 4-6 sections of duct tape for easy access   Step #5 Fold over the 4 edges of fabric and tape to the foam.   Step #6 Tape down the edges.   Step #7 Use even more duct tape to secure all the loose edges.   Step #8 Turn over the foam and admire your handiwork.   Step #9 Call all your friends to come and see what you've created.   Step #10 Take photos of you completed projects and post them here on the blog or at Facebook.com/artsmartparenting   Step #11 Share this episode with your friends so they (and their kids) can all be expert Styrofoam Wall Artists!   Next week we'll be creating our final April Art Project and making something edible from your leftover Easter Candy!