April Art Part 4 – Peep Sushi

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: Happy Friday Art smart parents!     It's hard to believe we've nearly reached the end of April.  I'm not sure where all the time goes, I just know it's going fast.   I hope your Easter celebrations were full of fun and with arts and creativity at the helm.   Though egg dyeing and finding were near the top of the list, my oldest daughter couldn't wait to create her very own Peep Sushi!  I am constantly blown away at the creativity of people.  I never would have imagined using peeps, rice crispy treats, and licorice to make candy sushi.   But that's exactly what we did.  All you'll need are some cutting utensils (kitchen scissors, kid-safe knives, or pizza cutters all will do), cutting boards, and a plate for display.   1. Shape the rice crispy treats in geometric shapes 2. Cut lengths of licorice or fruit strips to act as the seaweed and hold everything together. 3. Cut peeps to simulate sashimi or cut smaller to act as ingredients in a roll 4. Complete and enjoy! 5. Share your photos for everyone to see   There you have it!  Four weeks of quick and easy art projects to decorate your home for spring and an edible art project to clean up the leftover Easter Candy.   I hope you've had an awesome time engaging your child's critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the arts.  Here's to you and your dedication to raising smart kids!   Remember that this project is not only about experiencing food as culinary arts, it can be used to supplement just about every subject in school.  Every project shared is one to engage your kids in learning that is fun.   Cheers!