Tissue Paper Flowers

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you had an awesome time with the Flower Power activity we discussed last week.  Please post any pictures or comments at artsmartpareing.com or artsmartparenting on facebook.   Today’s project celebrates the colors and beaty of spring.  We’ll be making beautiful tissue paper flowers to brighten up your house, give for mother’s day, or liven up your dinner table.   If your kids are anything like mine, once they learn a new skill, they are eager to perfect it.  I showed my oldest daughter and her friend how to make these flowers in about 5 minutes.  Afterwards, they quickly and eagerly ran with the project and before I knew it, we were out of tissue paper.  I guess a quick trip to the store is warranted to get them to continue to engage their multiple intelligences with this simple art activity.   As with any activity presented on this blog (and podcast), you can choose to engage your child's dominant multiple intelligences or challenge the one(s) she doesn't frequently engage.   Today's tissue paper flower activity could easily be about engaging logical-mathematical intelligence (think measurements and geometry).  Enjoy the activity outside to engage naturalistic intelligence; challenge your child's linguistic or interpersonal skills though conversation.  I hope you’re realizing that engaging Multiple Intelligences is not a difficult task.  In fact, engaging MI's is simply rethinking how your child is learning.   For me, knowing that I can foster my children's intelligences through simple and everyday arts activities is an absouletely wonderful feeling!   Here’s what you’re going to need: Tissue paper any color Scissors Floral wire Wire cutters Tape measure (if you want to work on some math skills or like things to be precise)   Here are the steps you'll take: Cut floral wire (around 4 inches will do) for easy access Layer 6-8 sheets of tissue paper (we used sizes from 8-15 inches wide) Make 1-1.5 inch accordion folds Secure the middle with the floral wire (if you’re worried about symmetry, fold the accordion in half to secure the wire tightly) Cut the ends (round; pointed; or in thin strips) Lay the wire-secured accordian on its side and extend the sides to make a butterfly shape Gently peel the top layer from the bunch to stand up straight Continue until each layer is separated Voila! Now you have a beautiful flowers to give to mom or make lively decorations   Don't forget to experiment with multiple colors of tissue paper or different ends to make a unique bunch of flowers.   Enjoy your new beauties and be sure to share this activity with your friends!   Until next week, go and and celebrate your child's unique intelligence!