5 Steps to Duct Tape Flower Pens

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: Happy Friday Art Smart parents!   I hope you’ve had an awesome couple of weeks creating and using flowers to fuel your child’s learning.   We are going to continue with our flower creations throughout May.  Today I’ll be sharing a project by Sea Lemon.  We’ll be making duct tape flower tulip pens.  The step by step video for this activity can be found on this week’s blog post at artsmartparenting.com   Not only are we going to be engaging the MI’s in this project, you’ll be creating a beautiful, functional works of art.   Who doesn’t love flowers in the spring?  These flower pen creations can brighten up your home, or your office and give you the opportunity to engage with your kids and have some fun.  Using 5 simple steps, create a bouquet of flower pens today! Here’s what you’re going to need to create this project: Materials: Green duct tape (stem and leaves) Variety of colored duct tape (for centers and petals) Pens with caps   Tools: Scissors  Craft knife Cutting mat Ruler   Watch the tutorial from Sea Lemon: 5 Steps: 1. Create the stem: With cap on, cut green duct tape the length of the pen (cap to the end) and wrap it around the pen.  If you want to cover the cap you’ll need approximately 3.5 of green duct tape (cut away some of the excess with craft knife).   2. Create the pollen center: cut 1” piece of yellow and wrap it around the end of the pen lightly pinching in the sides to close up the hole (pinch one way then the other   3. Create Petal Cut 5 inches of and fold in half leaving about 1/2 and inch of tape exposed - doesn’t need to line up exactly as you’ll cut off the edges to shape the flower Using scissors, cut a tulip petal shape.  For cutting the exposed tape section, you’ll probably find it easier to use an exacto knife so the tape doesn’t stick to your scissors. Make a 1” slit using an exacto knife at the bottom of the petal (where the tape is exposed) Overlap the slits to create a curvature to the petal Repeat 5X more for a total of 6 petals   4. Make your tulip To create the flower end, start with 3 petals on the inside and overlap remaining petals on the gaps.  Secure petals using the exposed tape to the end of the pen Once all the petals are secured around the pen, cut a 1/2 inch green duct tape and wrap around base of flower to secure the petals   5. Create the Leaf - cut an 11” piece and fold in half leaving about 1/2 in on end.Cut leaf shape and tape to stem Slightly crease the leaf so that it hugs the pen and simulates the shape of tulip leaves Cut on last strip of green duct tape about 3/4 inch and wrap on base of leaf   Voila!  Beautiful and functional duct tape tulip pens that you create with your kids - building lasting memories and engaged learning!   Please be sure to post your creations here!