Vince Rotonda, Producer of Unsealed: Alien Files - Aug 28,2012

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Summary: The new TV program Unsealed: Alien Files uses the formerly secret alien documents now being released by 40 countries to learn more about mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and breaking alien news. Episodes will look at alien messages, UFOs and Los Angeles, alien plagues and technology and secret knowledge of extraterrestrial life by the Vatican. Producer Vince Rotonda is an experienced Writer/Director/Producer with over twenty years of experience in Hollywood. In 2004 Vince was the Supervising Producer for the first season of the ABC hit series “Supernanny”, which won the Peoples Choice Award for Best Reality (Non-Competition) show. Over the years, he has produced several long running TV hits including Giuliana and Bill, The Denise Richards Show, and The Mole. We will talk to Vince about his latest project, Unsealed, and some of the great cases they will be featuring. For more information visit: