|DSP 55| Making a Badass First Impression - Vince Lin (AlphaWolf)

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Vince's background and how he transitioned from the technology field into fashion Focusing on your ability to get the girls you want (16:15) The concept of style, its misinterpretation, and its power (20:40) Subtleties of style and standing out (24:34) How your ego plays into the style equation and your willingness to change, even through opposition (28:00) Style and its relationship to dominance (39:28) Making sure your clothes fit and flatter your body (44:40) A display of eliteness as a part of social hierarchy (50:20) An explanation of social alignment: perceptions of style based on specific looks (51:18) How women evaluate men by observing the details of how they present themselves (55:38) Feeling comfortable in your clothes (59:00) Pre-selection through style - communicating that you have other women in your life through the clothes you wear (1:02:00) The cost of investing in your style (1:05:26) Vince's top three recommendations to men who want to get a better getter dating, sex or relationship lifestyle, as fast as possible (1:13:44)