|DSP 57| Candid Insights from the Male Stripper Lifestyle - Landon Foxx

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Landon's background: Aspiring to what he wanted to be and then making the change Failing through opportunities in order to move forward (05:15) Confidence in the stripper industry (07:58) Guys with different levels of confidence and their success rate with women (09:25) What a typical week is like when stripping (13:05) How do you hook up with girls? (18:16) What girls do when taking the initiative to go after a stripper (19:32) Typical dynamic of approaching or leading a girl (24:00) Being rejected as a male entertainer (27:13) Your success rate as a "sexy guy" and how women justify being with you (26:06) The demographics and patterns of women that attend stripper events (30:51) What women get into at stripper shows and their fantasies (34:17) How Landon's views of women have changed over time (36:09) Meeting women outside of stripping and how they are approached (39:00) Relationships since starting in the stripping business (40:46) The challenges of maintaining a relationship while in the business (45:00) Social links to the business and how Landon's social habits and acquaintances have changed (47:11) Lifestyles of other strippers (49:05) The negative impact of being a stripper and people's reaction(51:40) The most serial stripper stories (52:44) Top three recommendations for guys that want to improve their dating, sex, and relationship life as fast as possible (56:48)