GFY 049: Turning a Basement Business into a Booming Online Business

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Summary: Interview with Jason Weisenthal (Founder of If Jason Weisenthal had a superpower, it would be turning small businesses into successful, thriving companies. After growing his first business into a million dollar company, he started on his second business in 2008 called WallMonkeys which has grown from a basement business into the world’s largest library of print-on-demand wall graphics. Like so many entrepreneurs before him, Jason conceived his latest business after searching high and low for a product that wasn’t out there: custom wall decals made from photos of his kids playing sports. Even though it’s not all sunshine and roses during the launch phase of any business, Jason’s combination of business savvy, intelligence, and grit has paid off in a major way. Wallmonkeys has generated enormous demand for products that, just a few years ago, didn’t exist. Tune in to this episode as Jason pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth about what it really takes to survive AND excel in the small business world. Cool stuff mentioned in this episode (plus other things Jason recommends): (Jason’s website) Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon GrowCo (in Nashville!)   Did this podcast rock your world? If you liked this podcast, leave a review on iTunes!! You will be immediately showered in gold and diamonds and all things sparkly. You’d be a moron to miss out on that, right? Visit to check out the iTunes page. Plus…sharing this episode on social media will undoubtedly add to the glitter fest. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The post GFY 049: Turning a Basement Business into a Booming Online Business appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.