GFY 050: Why Networking Isn’t Working and What To Do Instead

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Summary: Interview with Derek Coburn ( There’s a problem with the business networking events that you’re attending—traditional networking doesn’t work. It’s like trying to use Morse code because you’re unaware that iPhones exist. But here on the show today is Derek Coburn, author of the new book, Networking is Not Working (launching on April 28th) to school us on non-traditional networking methods that are actually effective in growing your client base and building your business. In 1998, Derek graduated college and began his career as a financial adviser and built an extremely successful wealth management business. When the economy took a downturn a few years ago, he had to devote more of his time to his existing clients. He started using non-traditional networking strategies to help his clients and help his business, and when his revenue tripled from his efforts, he knew he was onto something. Afterwards, he and his wife founded Cadre—and un-networking community in Washington DC (and now in Baltimore) that connects over 100 CEOs and business leaders. Now, Derek’s channeled the wildly effective networking strategies that he’s learned from growing two successful companies into his latest book and he’s sharing his “non-networking” secrets in this episode. So before you waste your time handing out another business card, check out what Derek has to say. Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: CadreDC (Derek’s networking community) Networking is Not Working (download the first chapter of Derek’s book) Chris Brogan   Did this podcast rock your world? If you liked this podcast, leave a review on iTunes!! You will be immediately showered in gold and diamonds and all things sparkly. Visit to check out the iTunes page. Plus…sharing this episode on social media will undoubtedly add to the glitter fest. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The post GFY 050: Why Networking Isn’t Working and What To Do Instead appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.