GFY 054: From Quitting Barneys to Building Fashion Businesses

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Summary: Interview with Syama Meagher ( If you’re still waiting to discover that perfect business idea, it might just be sitting under your nose. That was the case for my guest today, Syama Meagher, in 2008 when she was working a day job in merchandising at Barney’s. After dealing with countless startup fashion brand who had no idea how to pitch their products to the big-box stores, she started a business that was designed to help them–Scaling Retail. Scaling Retail is a retail consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing for small and medium businesses. Syama’s company has helped launch stores in Manhattan and scaled brands in Bali. She is a featured speaker for organizations like the  American Express Open Forum, Fashion Business Inc, Startup Fashion and Fashion Business Accelerator. She’s here on the show today to chat with me about what it took to grow her business from an idea to a full-blown international business and how she’s managed to quit her day job, work from anywhere, and travel around the world. Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: Scaling Retail Lean Startup Did this podcast rock your world?   If you liked this podcast, leave a review on iTunes!! You will be immediately showered in gold and diamonds and all things sparkly. Visit to check out the iTunes page. Plus…sharing this episode on social media will undoubtedly add to the glitter fest. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The post GFY 054: From Quitting Barneys to Building Fashion Businesses appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.