SiF #093 Sex is Fun, The Game

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Summary: The game that gets couples communicating Kidder has finally finished his first game designed specifically for two players. In this episode the whole cast gets together to play the game on the show. We'll even tell you how to buy the game at a discount if you listen to the whole show. Tonight's Show is sponsored by Download a FREE Audiobook of your choice. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by and Comment on this show at our FORUM Help us get some sexy animations and subscribe to our favorite medical animations studio's podcast ghOstcast Download the press release The newest release from Sexploration Games is more than just cheap thrills for daring couples. This sex game has been carefully designed to help couples communicate on a much more intimate level about sexual desire and fulfillment. Every day, human sexuality guru Kidder Kaper answers hundreds of questions sent to him from listeners of his hit podcast radio show, Sex is Fun. Many of these listeners tell Kidder that they are at the end of their ropes, grappling with disinterested partners and less than fulfilling sex lives. “I find it interesting that so many of my listeners will bring their concerns to me but are for some reason afraid to tell their partners that they aren’t happy with the activities going on, or more often, not going on in the bedroom.” Explains Kidder “Most often, the problems I hear about stem from a lack of communication and are easy enough to fix if they can just assemble enough courage to ask for what they want. When the communication breaks down, it may become very difficult to reconnect and many may find it easier to get their sexual needs met with someone new than to put the time and effort into their existing relationship. I find this extremely disconcerting.” Given that 72% of all marriages experience at least one infidelity and that the divorce rates have climbed well above 50%, it is easy to understand Kidder’s concern. What might shock some is the vehicle that he has chosen to help these couples beat the odds. It isn’t therapy, or a book, it is a game. “What most of these couples need is a good independent 3rd party to help reestablish communication. For most couples, sex just isn’t a topic that is easy to talk about with a close mutual friend much less a therapist, I decided to make the process fun. I decided to make a game that couples could play together that would help them dig in and dare each other to start honestly asking for exactly what they wanted and needed from their partners to feel sexually fulfilled.” Is it a sex game, or sex therapy in a box? Using intimacy exercises disguised as a game is no new trick for sex therapists and marriage counselors. World renowned sex therapist and author Laura Berman may be commonly seen prescribing various playful exercises to maritally troubled couples who visit her on the Showtime series, Sexual Healing. “Developing the challenges for the game was easy.” Kidder admits. “I just looked through my mailbox of questions from listeners and focused on the similar patters that emerged: Questions like, “How do I get my partner to play with my butt? How do I get my partner to use sex toys with me? How do I get my partner to masturbate with me?” I arranged these common sexual desires into six categories and then designed a game around guessing what your partner is most interested in trying and then daring them to try it.” The six categories that Kidder wrote into the final game cover topics ranging from talking to your partner about sex, to foreplay, oral sex, intercourse, and kinky activities. Also included is very interesting deck of cards that guide you to sexually stimulate your partner and guess how they will respond to your touch. What is clearly missing from the game is any kind of sexual technique training, though this was no oversight by the creator. “While sexual technique is far from unimportant, it isn’t usually the main problem for most couples