Hospital Medicine: Hospitalists and the Voice of the Patient

The Hospitalist show

Summary: This month’s feature looks at ways hospitalists can better engage with patients and how patients can make their concerns heard by hospital physicians. Patient Morgan Gleason recalls making a video of her complaints after a recent hospitalization that garnered more than 50,000 views on YouTube. Morgan talks about what led to making the video and aftereffects of posting the clip. Pediatric hospitalist Dr. Weijen Chang from the University of California at San Diego discusses who should lead the effort to hear the patients’ voices better and says patient surveys need to be answered by actual patients when possible. Dr. Bradley Monash from the University of California at San Francisco shares his views on how patients can get left out of the hospital conversation and suggests adding patients to the care team. Also, Beecher Grogan, founder of the non-profit, pediatric cancer-centered organization, Lucy’s Love Bus, talks about the disconnect between patients’ hospital experiences and physicians’ perception of it, and says a simple patient interview by physicians can go a long way.