One Life Left -- s09e23 -- #218 -- Three's a Crowd(source)

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: One day we'll learn. Never allow the number of guests you have to equal the number of presenters. Keep the number advantage. This week we forgot this rule, mostly because we've just made it up for the purposes of this intro, but now it is enshrined in a podcast intro it is now legally binding (NOTE TO SELF: Check this with our lawyer). So yes, we're back, Back, BACK. And this week with three (count 'em - three!) Super-Special Guests. If we were to pick one of the SSGs as a main SSG then we'd have to say that it would be Fuzzy Face Studios' Chris Thomas. He came to the studio to promote his new game Crobble, which is an excellent blend of Tetris and Scrabble. We tried to make him release the game on air, but Shane in Canada let us down. We hope you're happy Shane. The other two sub-SSGs were the returning Georg Backer (who will also be returning in two weeks) and Michael Frederickson. They helped get us banned in Russia, swooned over Parkin's new Linked In photo and signed us up as the preferred media provider to the Radius Festival. The Radius Festival is a games festival that Georg is solely in charge of, with some help from his PA Keith Stuart. We're thinking of starting our own festival called the Diameter Festival as it will be twice as good as Georg's, but let's keep that between ourselves for now ok? Also returning this week were Sega Badawi's Local News and Super Roger World. In fact, it's such a good show that we won't be having a show next week. Sorry about that, perhaps you could write a new Videogame Karaoke song for #Thirdsday, book tickets to Ste's new Reads Like A Seven event or just be really disappointed in us. Sorry. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Jredd - Urban Chill 2 Klamm - Mr. Fatman 3. Ultrasyd - Silly Venture