11.18 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Researcher Jack Hunter and David Luke join us on this episode to share their work in Talking With the Spirits: Ethnographies From Between the Worlds. The new release from Daily Grail Publishing features a diverse collection of essays ranging from Spiritualist séances in the United Kingdom to self-mortification rituals in Taiwan, and psychedelic spirit incorporation in the Amazonian rainforest. We also feature new work in Placebo research, a Dutch yogi's "inner doctor", and zones of strangeness in Puerto Rico. Jack Hunter and David Luke Paranthropology Journal Links Behavioural training reduces inflammation Wim Hof, Dutch 'Iceman,' Controls Body Through Meditation TEDxAmsterdam - Wim Hof Robots Will Take Our Jobs Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation Norwegian Army trials Oculus Rift to drive tanks The "numbers station" of YouTube Telepathic Dream Research is about to Blow Up Cracks in the Dam: Honoring Psychic Dreams 4 New Lucid Dreaming Masks for 2014 Android MU App Beta Sign up to the group! Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Prosapia Genetics Grand Cardinal Cross (Its Blessings) "Didgeridoo & FEMIFESTATION" Astarius Miraculii - Healing Music Books Discussed    Zones of Strangeness eBook Music Throwing Snow - Avarice (Houndstooth) via ReqEffect Long Arm - Turkey (feat. I.V.A) via The MOCD Matti Turunen - Cryosleep via XLR8R Garden City Movement - Terracotta via acid stag Matt Keyl, Aney F. - Spektrum (Original Mix) via Beatport Cajmere, Dajae - Satisfy (Tiger Stripes & Pleasurekraft Remix) via Beatport Kill Paris - The Walk via Beatport Paul Woolford - EROTIC DISCOURSE (Dense & Pika Remix)