|DSP 37| Personal Boundaries Part 2: Case Studies and Action Steps - Mark Manson (Entropy)

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Examples of typical unhealthy personal boundaries in men looking to get better with women. An example of poor boundaries: getting upset with someone else for their beliefs or ideas. Identifying women with low self esteem and as a result you are less likely to have a solid healthy relationships wtih. An example of using appropriate boundaries as a tool when you break up with a girl or she breaks up with you. The typical poor boundaries issues men have with their parents. How poor boundaries with your parents related to your career and studies can give you insights into potential problems you have with boundaries in your dating and relationships. Honest living builds self-esteem and boundaries. The importance of sticking to your self-improvement goals (all of them) to attracting women. The essence of vulnerability and using it to build your self esteem. Steps you should take to OWN your dating life and drive it forward. How going out to get reference experiences makes the journey to success easier. Examples of where you need to enforce personal boundaries in dates (many men don't do this). How boundaries are a pre-requisite for maintaining open relationships or dating multiple women. Dissecting a case study of personal boundaries where a woman you are dating is disrespecting you (not respecting your boundaries) and how to deal with it. I took this quote from Mark Manson in the interview. It's about how doing things for the wrong reasons will vastly slow your learning curve down and limit your results.