|DSP 39| Translating Pickup Artist Speak into Female Speak - Marni Kinrys

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Marni's personal dating experience, being married and when the relationship learning curve stops. Does the often quoted Pickup Artist saying "Women are driven by emotions, men are driven by logic." always hold true? How well does it reflect reality? The spectrum of emotional vs. logic decision making for both men and women. How women and men seek out advice differently and how as a result you have to modify your communication approach with them. Women tend to have an 'ideal' way that they want to see themselves and prefer to think about it . Getting more effective dating advice from women by talking about situations and being more descriptive. Simple ways to look at how women are different and how this can help you with your approach and communication. The observation game taken from the film "Date Night" that you can make use of when you're out with women. How having a stroke motivated Marni to break out from her socially awkward self to become the confident person she always wanted to be (Hint: Relevant to everyone, what can you leverage to take responsibility for making your life happen?). Exploring the pickup artist concepts of "Shit Tests" and Women testing you from a female perspective. The friend zone should really be called the fake boyfriend zone. How if you miss the 'window of opportunity' with a girl you can fall into a friends-only relationship. How do women feel about men not paying for dinner and drinks or wanting to go 'dutch' ? Marni Kinrys' top 3 recommendations for getting better results as fast as possible.