|DSP 43| Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work - Alex Allman

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Alex Allman's recent marriage and his dating and relationship lifestyle over the last 15 years. "I'm not a PUA, I'm terrible at cold approach." Learning to cold approach isn't necessary to meet lots of women. Pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional monogamy and polygamy. Men cheating on their women is the societal norm. The level of openness in your sexual communication and how it defines your relationship. Post conventional morality, empathy and its connection with 100% love. The swinger community as an example of conventional polyamory. Different dating lifestyles for different stages of life. The 20s, 30s and 40s. Steve Pavlina case study: From monogamous marriage, to polyamorous marriage to divorce and single life polyamory. The decision to marry - how does it come about? The more committed you are to a relationship the more pain you expose yourself to. Choosing women with equal or greater "Self awareness" than you as partners. Insights into the mindsets towards many women of men today from what is currently working in the marketing world. The control mentality that the pickup artist community has given to some men. The fundamental role of sex in marriage to work on and improve communication. Pushing sexual boundaries. What it really means - not about "dressing up as furry animals". How to stop sex getting boring: Excavating your personal identity through your sexual relationship with your partner. A woman's love for you is sustained by your love. But only when it's pure. Alex Allman's top 3 recommendations to men to work on to take their relationship lifestyle to success as fast as possible.