|DSP 44| The Role of Sex in Relationships - Jason Julius

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Jason Julius' "choosy" dating lifestyle and focus on intimacy and sexuality in relationships and his own self growth and development. "The baddest motherf*$ker alive" - Investment and engaging with your own life and how this impacts your dating and relationships. Taking the time to help a woman get in touch with herself and allow her to access her orgasmic abilities. The lack of sexual role models as we are growing up and how it hurts our abilities in the bedroom. Signs your relationship is suffering because of an underwhelming sex life. The transfer of masculinity to other areas of your life from your sexuality. The opening up of societal view of female sexuality over the last 70 years since Alfred Kinsey's. How sexual skills give you confidence in many parts of your life. "The kiss of death is getting comfortable" with sex. The many different roles of respect in sex. Practical tips on getting a girl to turn her thinking brain off so she can access her sexuality. The mental game of sex: anticipation, leading and trust. Vulnerable positions - the importance of reassurance in oral sex. Vocal inhibition: "There's not a better lesson for a guy than to be with a woman that is sexually confident". The "loss of inhibition" benefits of dating older women in their 30s or older. The top 3 recommendations from Jason Julius on improving your sex and relationship lifestyle as quick as possible.