|DSP 46| How to Make Your Move (Kissing and Touching Women) - Jason Capital

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Jason Capital's current lifestyle and how he has changed his focus from cold approach to a social lifestyle and hanging out with Greg Greenway. How not being comfortable with yourself becomes the barrier to getting physical with a girl. The history of men being more physical than today and comparisons of U.S. 'touchy' culture with other places. How to increase how 'touchy' you are naturally and avoid getting creepy reactions about it. "If you've been hanging with a girl for 20 minutes and you haven't touched yet, you're fu**ed". Simple rules to introduce physical touch into an interaction with a girl you've met quickly. Jason Capital's introduction handshake for setting the right physical and playful tone with a girl from the start. A great tip on making the "kiss moment" natural with an appropriate pause. What to do when the girl doesn't respond to your move to kiss here. How long it takes for you to learn to recognize the right moment to make a move on a girl. "If you feel it is the right time, it is the right time." Parts of NLP that can be useful for NLP communication such as talking about the 5 senses. Jason Capital's top 3 recommendations on how to improve your dating lifestyle as quickly as possible.