|DSP 47| Mastering the Art of Seduction - Robert Greene

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Robert Greene's approach to studying the subjects of seduction and mastering skills. "Seduction involves a dark side of our personality." and how we shouldn't avoid it to understand it completely. The role of self control in true power and effective learning. People's resistance to talking about and acknowledging the element of seduction in relationships. The difference between Robert's and the seduction community's approach to the topic of seduction. The psychological approach to seduction and its reliance on getting inside the head of the person you are aiming to seduce. Real life examples of Rake characters such as Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods, Russell Brand, 50 Cent and Ben Affleck. Anti-seductive behaviors to avoid when talking and relating to women. The role of seduction in healthy long term relationships. Applying the process of mastery to the art of seduction. How you can't get better, or master anything, without a lot of failure. Failure is a requirement. The importance of getting rewards such as "easy wins" in the form of excitement or results to the learning process. The top 3 recommendations from Robert Greene on improving your dating and relationship lifestyle as rapidly as possible.