|DSP 48| A Scientific Review of The Mystery Method - Nathan Oesch

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Why the scientific review was carried out specifically on The Mystery Method and not other advice from the pickup artist community. Explanation of the areas of science reviewed to support or disprove the pickup artist theories. How the scientific community reacted to the review paper. The parental investment theory from Trivers (1972) and how it relates to the assumption that women choose men, and not vice versa. It's often said that men are more promiscuous - and seek more casual sex than women. Is this true? Is it beyond our control? The direct vs. indirect method debate: How both approaches are supported by science from different areas. Humor attracts women. But what is the mechanism for that? How does it work and can it be learned? The Mystery Method Pre-Selection theory known as Mate Choice Copying in the scientific community. The science behind how kino and touch impacts our relationships and interactions with women. A theory where no scientific support was found for it: "Negging". The recent Harvard study that helps to support the ideas behind "Peacocking". Future areas of exploration for the scientific community in pickup artist originated advice. The top 3 recommendations from Nathan Oesch's scientific viewpoint on how to approach improving your dating and relationship lifestyle as quickly as possible.