|DSP 50| A Data Driven Approach to Online Dating - Scott Valdez

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: How Scott Valdez uses online dating while he's traveling to meet women and have dates setup before he arrives in a new place. Why online dating tends to build trust with women quickly and how facebook can help with this. An overview of the best online dating sites that Scott Valdez uses in and out of the U.S. Why it's a good idea to pay for extra services on some of the free dating sites. The new mobile dating apps and how they differ from the standard online sites and you need to use a slightly different approach. The problems and challenges with the adult dating, casual dating and hookup dating sties. The importance of photos, how much work to put into them and how to get them rated so you know how good they are. "Time to response" - the most important metric you need to track to improve with online dating. The benchmark metrics from Virtual Dating Assistants that you need to hit (e.g. response rate, and date rate) otherwise it's a red flag and you are doing something wrong. How to choose the online dating site or app according to what you are looking for: hook up, short term or long term dating and marriage. What should you keep in mind when selecting women to message in online dating (paying attention to photos and profiles). Experiments with traveling and organizing parties with women met via online dating. How different approaches like cocky, funny and sincere tend to work with different platforms and women of different ages. How online dating can help you start learning quicker when you first start learning and practicing your dating skills. The top 3 recommendations from Scott Valdez on what to do to improve your dating as fast as possible.